Children Classes

Sunday School

Here at Love Valley Baptist Church we believe the Sunday School Program is a vital part of spiritual growth……..

As with the adult classes, we recognize the importance of discipleship for the Christian. In the children's classes we try to emphasize scripture memory and focus on the basic bible stories that will help lay a foundation for a child so they will have a working knowledge of the scriptures. Ultimately, our goal is to teach the bible and show that God is real so that when God begins to deal with a child they will respond to His call and fulfill His purpose for their life.


7th-12th Grade

With: Michael & Brittany lindsay

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Michael and his wife, Brittany, have been working over the teen department at Love Valley since 2005. In that time, we have seen hundreds of young people touched by by the Lord through the youth ministry. God has been so gracious to our church with a great teen class where the bible is taught, modern issues are topics of lessons, and the teens are challenged through exercises to know what God says in His word and how they can reach their full potential as a child of God


5th-6th Grade

With: Heath & Heather Davidson

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Heath and his wife, Heather, have been teaching the juniors since 2011 and have been very effective in molding the next generation for the glory of God. Using a balanced approach of games, competitions, and campaigns to teach the bible, cultivate relationships, and push their class closer to God, they have been able to reach several young people as a result of their dedication to God.


3rd-4th Grade

With: Matt & Emily Hurdt

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Matt and Emily have been teaching this class since 2018 and their class loves them. With a fun, friendly and loving atmosphere that would welcome any child, they have a gifted way of reaching every child and making them feel important to the class. The Hurdt's are a blessing and an asset to the Sunday School ministry of our church and one visit to their class will show any parent that they love their students.


1st-2nd Grade

With: Louie & Brandy Bumgardner

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The Bumgardner's have been teaching here since 2018 and immediately began to make an impact in their class. A hands on approach to guide students through the developmental stages of learning can be difficult, but they make it look easy as they are careful with these tender learners.


3-5 Years Old

With: Melissa Allen

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Melissa has been teaching at LVBC for more than a decade and has a gift for reaching these young minds and keeping their attention through the class. A mixture of teaching, games, songs and love has been a recipe for success through the years. 


Birth - 36 Months

With: elaine ross

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Elaine Ross has been leading the nursery Sunday School for many years here at Love Valley. Her attention to the children and affection for teaching them the bible has never wavered. She is a pillar in the ministry of our church. Whether newborn or toddler, your child will be given the care and attention they need as she influences them with a lesson, some songs and maybe even a snack.